Friday, 26 April 2013


today i finally got to have some time off so i decided to spend it at the beach with my family and puppy. laying there soaking up the sun, with sand between my toes and waves crashing near by, my thoughts instantly drifted off to my upcoming european holiday. i've been planning this trip for over a year but only in the last week or so has it really hit me that i am going. my excitement has been building up for the last few days (especially for the 3 weeks i get to spend in greece), which eagerly led to a "test" packing of my suitcase - only 6 weeks early. being a serial list maker I of course had to get organised so I have made a list of everything i need to pack, quantities of each, what i still need to buy, and I even drew up a diagram of how everything should fit in my suitcase - success of my dads tedious high school math lessons finally came through! I have been reading up online and also purchased a collection of travel books to start thinking of what i would like to see and do but the excitement of it all is making my list of things to do just a tad unrealistic...

if you have any recommendations of places to visit, stores to go to, and places to eat or drink please share them with me as I will be travelling solo for a good portion of my trip and otherwise i might be a little bit lost and might miss out on a lot of the amazing places that travel books just don't tell you about. I will be going through london, france, monaco, italy, vatican city, austria, germany, liechtenstein, switzerland, netherlands, belgiumm, amsterdam, nice, athens, mykonos, ios and santorini so any directions to amazing places would be greatly appreciated!

my birthday and university graduation also happen to fall a week from my departure so who can blame me for being this excited? the countdown begins (well, continues really) and hopefully when i go over i will be able to find some internet overseas and share my adventures on here. x

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  1. Love this collage, especially the earrings!
    Have fun overseas, I would love to be on holiday!

    xx Bo