Tuesday, 24 December 2013



Being from Poland I don't celebrate the traditional Christmas on the 25th of December, instead Santa brings us treats on the 6th and on the 24th we celebrate Wigilia. 

We fast all day until the first star is seen in the sky, and we then have a delicious dinner followed by the Angel miraculously delivering presents. We open presents whilst we eat an abundance of desert (which I always say I won't have as I'm incredibly full from the 3 - 4 course dinner I just ate, but always end up filling up on until there aren't even crumbs left). Usually I am assigned the role of giving out the gifts, which I have learnt sometimes takes a little bit of strength and a little of the "lift with your legs" rule - found this out when I enthusiastically went to pick up the biggest box under the tree and ended up face down on it, crumbling under the weight.

The day is always hard as I tend to somehow work each year, at least until midday, and then I come home to helping the family with dressing the tree and preparing food - which includes the tedious making of pierogi by hand. Although the dumplings are delicious, when there are over 100 of them and you roll out the dough, fill and squeeze shut each one by hand it gets a little frustrating - keeping in mind all day I haven't eaten and right in front of me are some of my favourite foods that I have waited for all year.

By the time the star comes out my brother and I have been outside staring at every corner of the sky, on stoops and ledges with binoculars hoping to glimpse even the slightest sparkle so that we can finally start eating. In Poland it gets darker a lot earlier in December, whilst here in Australia the good long days of summer are not so welcome, at least not on this day!

Although for most of you it is still at least another sleep until Christmas I want to wish you all, and your families, a Merry Christmas and a mouth-watering feast!

Celebrating Christmas in the evening lends itself to more of a dressy affair, without the fear of sweltering in the Australian Summer height, so I have included in this post my outfit inspiration for tonight.

Merry Christmas x

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